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Insights: Millenials hate being “sold to,” instead, they’d rather have a friend. Using this insight, we are targeting the young key beer drinker by “owning the pregame” with interactive packaging and “serving as his wingman” through the use of smart phone application.

  • Client: Miller Lite // Beer Necessities
Beer Necessities packaging

The box would be perforated so that users can tear apart and use as coasters. These coasters would have “Beer Tips” that are submitted by users printed on them.

Beer would be repackaged into a plastic unit with a twist off cap. These plastic cans could be reused and collected, much like tumblers.
Each 24 pack would come with 24 wristbands. These wristbands would allow wearers to get exclusive specials at participating bars.
Beer Necessities app

This app will serve as our young key beer drinker’s wing man. Viewers could use a special map feature that would allow them to find nearby liquor and convenience stores. They would also be able to locate what bars are still open and late night food spots. Users can choose from a variety of playlists that cater to their mood or what they are doing. There would also be a “Girl Edu” feature that would allow the user to create faux pictures of them with a cute puppy or grandmother.