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Keystone Light Blue Cup Society
This integrated interactive campaign utilizes social media outlets to target college-aged males.

  • Client: Keystone Light
Viewers will be asked to recruit 10 of their Facebook friends in order to become a member of the Blue Cup Society.
The microsite will feature BCS college chapter profiles for each school.
Members will be able to post upcoming events and parties as well as their locations specific to their chapter.
Members can also upload photos and and footage from their chapter’s events.
Members can also purchase BCS items such as a “Faux polo t-shirt.”
Viewers will be asked to upload photos that demonstrate how they party with the blue cup. These “cup worthy” photos will be voted on by other users to potentially be printed on members only cups.
BCS Members only cups

In addition to the cup worthy photos printed on the cups, interactive messages and clever aliases will be printed on the opposite side, making these cups a social enabler.

BCS Search for the Blue Cup President contest

In search for a new president, BCS will hold a nationwide campus tour in which they will hold public auditions.

All footage will be uploaded to their own YouTube page, where users can vote on candidates as well as upload their own auditions.