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Sprint Holiday Vines
To reinforce that our fans “get more out of their phones” this holiday season, we concepted and created these playful vines. We sought out the help of Vine extraordinaire, Meagan Cignoli, to help bring our storyboards to life.

Sprint #HeartOfGold Campaign
To promote the Sprint-exclusive gold LG G3 phone, we rewarded our loyal Sprint customers who demonstrated their “heart of gold” by contributing to the social conversation in a positive light. We surprised and delighted 5 fans who shared their kindness. Their reward? A beautifully-wrapped, brand-new exclusive gold LG G3 with a hand-crafted, personalized note. The giveaway was very well-received as every winner tweeted out a picture of their prize.

Heart of Gold Tweet Responses























Here are a few tweets @Sprint received when our #HeartOfGold winners received their gift. All of them posted a photo along with it.

















The client loved this project so much that they requested their very own gold boxes that they proudly displayed in their offices.